4 Sept 12 // Lacrimae Rerum

And you will find in time

The alphabets of yesteryear

Are a photo of grim numbers

Held together by cheer

 But the tears do not stop

Try as you may to contain

They become louder with words

Gasping is their every refrain

 In reply, no, the tears do not

Respect signage of the will

They are anarchists together

Who demand their full fill

 Of violence and mercy

Of forgiveness and strain

Every tear is to be measured

So that others feel their pain

They will begin with the dawn

With seasons they do not change

The tears, they do not stop

Their currency has no exchange

 Left to sensible governments

Your cause you may plead

Though tears are a capricious judge

On this, I trust, we are agreed

Oh, forgiveness and mercy

May these ever be your lament

Confession and love have n’er

Been anything else but torment

So let the tears rule your heart

Let them sweep down the plain

For oppression serves us well

Let tears ever reign

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