Junkish Values

by Randall S. Frederick Standing there, holding the boxes, I was having a minor anxiety attack. This was after the … More

Origin Stories

by Randall S. Frederick Every day, we tell ourselves stories. We maintain who we are because of them, insisting to … More

phantom lovers

And when a romantic Phantom considers you, Abide for a moment Under the skirt of the Pleiades Let the sacred … More

Why I Walked Away

by Randall S. Frederick   I. There are four primary reasons why I stopped working with churches. From 2000 until … More


    Come, my little bonita, come down Come down to the rivers of Phaedra Come down among the cuckolds … More

10:04pm on March evening

mockingbird at morning salted taffy at the sea leap over london crowd “marriage doesn’t suit me” lift your head off … More